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JH/HS Choral Music

JH/HS Warrior Choir Distance Learning Page

I’m working on loads and loads of sight reading!

Sing along with “We’re all in this together”!


This will be one of your songs for Veteran’s Day 2020.  Might as well start learning it now.

No Greater Love  (Page 18 of pdf)  It would be easiest if you print pages 18 through 22.

No Greater Love (Audio to practice with)


Composer Spotlights (read through them)


Music Work Sheets  (Print these out to do them)  (some information will be found in the “Composer Spotlight” pages above)


50 Most Famous Classical Pieces (How many can you recognize)

A brief history of music 1000 A.D. through modern day.

Listen to this performance.  Take note of errors you can hear or see such as vowel shape and consonants.
What about facial expression and body movements?